Record and playback with Watir script recorders

A frequently asked question for Watir seems to be whether there are any “record and playback” tools.  While most of the references point to a somewhat old tool, two viable alternatives seem much harder to find for some reason.

The first is Webmetrics‘ Global Watch Script recorder, available at

The second, is CubicTest.  This uses SeleniumIDE to record the test, but can generate a script for Watir.

(Update) A third is the Testwise Watir Recorder, a Firefox plugin which I looked at a while back, but am unsure of it’s current state.

These will only get you so far, and have their own limitations, the most obvious of which is some corporate applications which only work in Internet Explorer. If a recorder is what you need though, there are a few options and these may get you further.  At any rate, hopefully they’re now easier for people to find.

3 comments on “Record and playback with Watir script recorders”

  1. web-metric recorder looks good than other recorder.Thank you

  2. nageswara says:

    could you please send, step by step process for installing the WATIR, im very much intrested.


  3. Jared says:

    Check for instructions on installing Watir.


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