Category: Exploratory testing

Free testing book

Via Ben Kelly, Rikard Edgren‘s brief but dense ‘Little Black Book On Test Design‘ is worth a read. It’s cheap both in dollars (free) and time (less than 15 minutes if you’re quick).

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Dr Dobbs Interview

The topic of interviews came up while chatting with a friend recently, and I noticed that the Dr Dobb’s interview I did a couple of years back is no longer available.  I’m reposting it now to have my own copy and to save me from having to dig it out of the Internet Archive in […]

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Attention, attention…

The concept of inattentional blindness has been, if you’ll excuse the unintended pun, brought to the testing world’s attention lately by Cem Kaner and James Bach. Sajjadul Hakim has written recently on an exploratory testing experience in which he attributed failure to observe a bug to inattentional blindness. While this may have been the cause, […]

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