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Testing does not prevent defects

There seems to be a bunch of discussion regarding whether testers prevent defects or not. The main source of confusion that I see is confusing ‘testers’ with ‘testing’. Clearing this up seems pretty simple. Testing does not prevent defects. Testers may. I do. But I don’t call that part of my work ‘testing’, even if […]

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Presstimate: The number you give to get a manager off your back when you’re being hassled to give an estimate; Your best guess of what estimate of effort management will accept, not how long the work will actually take.

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Attention, attention…

The concept of inattentional blindness has been, if you’ll excuse the unintended pun, brought to the testing world’s attention lately by Cem Kaner and James Bach. Sajjadul Hakim has written recently on an exploratory testing experience in which he attributed failure to observe a bug to inattentional blindness. While this may have been the cause, […]

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