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Tools for thinking about context – Agile sliders reimagined

Philosophically, I’m aligned to the context-driven testing view of the world. Largely, this is influenced by a very early awareness of contextual factors to success in my first job, and the wild difference between games testing and corporate testing roles that I had. Since 2003, the work of the context-driven school founders has been a […]

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Dr Dobbs Interview

The topic of interviews came up while chatting with a friend recently, and I noticed that the Dr Dobb’s interview I did a couple of years back is no longer available.  I’m reposting it now to have my own copy and to save me from having to dig it out of the Internet Archive in […]

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Personal growth and fertilisers (or fertilizers)

Today, I’m translating the Korean children’s story ‘puppy poo’ for my blog. It turns out that somebody has already translated it, so it’s not the world-first I thought it was going to be. Oh well. I needed the Korean practice anyway. It’s a touching children’s story, about a piece of poo who finds meaning and […]

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