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Tools for thinking about context – Agile sliders reimagined

Philosophically, I’m aligned to the context-driven testing view of the world. Largely, this is influenced by a very early awareness of contextual factors to success in my first job, and the wild difference between games testing and corporate testing roles that I had. Since 2003, the work of the context-driven school founders has been a […]

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Test Strategy Mnemonics

Based on some current work, I’m going to need to extend my test strategy mnemonic to include ‘Accountabilities’.   That gives me a ton of options, such as ‘Gated Script Rats’, ‘Script a test drag’, ‘Attracts Red Pigs’ or ‘Egad! Script tarts’. I’ll update once I’ve decided, but feel free to offer your favourites from the […]

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The Egg testing challenge, context and mission

Matt Heusser is describing his challenge to test various inanimate objects – An egg, a stapler, a salt shaker and a knife. Read it here, but be sure to come back for the rest of the problem. I’d now like you to spend a few minutes thinking about how you might go about testing an […]

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