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Record and playback with Watir script recorders

A frequently asked question for Watir seems to be whether there are any “record and playback” tools.  While most of the references point to a somewhat old tool, two viable alternatives seem much harder to find for some reason. The first is Webmetrics‘ Global Watch Script recorder, available at http://www.webmetrics.com/products/script_recorder.html The second, is CubicTest.  This […]

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Automating Flash, AJAX, Popups and more using Ruby, Watir and Sikuli

Jonathan Kohl pointed me at Sikuli, a Python-based tool for automating applications using image recognition.  Unlike most tools, which attempt to identify objects via public APIs, Sikuli looks at the pixels on the screen and attempts to identify objects based on how they look. This isn’t exactly a new approach, as commercial tools have had […]

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Running Watir cross-browser using Internet Explorer, Firefox and Celerity

Since reading about Celerity, I’ve been excited by the idea that I might be able to take my Watir scripts and run them more quickly by using a browser simulator. It also raised the possibility of taking scripts and running them in different environments and on different platforms, because Celerity runs under JRuby without a […]

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